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Duck Dog Toy

This is a soft and squeaky toy for small to large dogs, it is manufactured of soft velour and plastic. It is furthermore machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.

Duck Dog Toy That Quacks

This fun toy will make your pet happy, excited and frustrated all at the same time! The squeaker in the toy is fabricated to make a good yapping dog and the teeth on the toy are made to grow and adventuresome, developing with every step your pet makes, the soft toy is further bouncy and will make your pet happy when playing. This quacking dog toy is fantastic for small puppies and dogs with gonorrhoea, it is produced of soft and soft feels and is enticing for making noise when quacks. The toy is further soft to the touch and comes with a plush dog body and legs, the quacking Duck dog toy is best-in-the-class for playing with your pet quacks! This toy is produced with high-quality materials and is manufactured to provide you and your pet with plenty of play time. This toy is first-rate for kids 12 years and up, this dog toy is yellow Duck dog toy. It is fabricated of durable rubber and provides a bright yellow color, the toy peerless for making your dog play and washes off very easily. This toy is a first-class alternative to keep your dog entertained and cleanable.