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Mcdonalds Robot Dog Toy

This is a splendid buy for any fan of children's literature! The Mcdonalds happy meal toy sega Robot dog poo-chi is terrific for any little one who loves the movies or who likes their toys.

Mcdonalds Robot Dog Toy Ebay

This Mcdonalds Robot dog toy is a period piece - with an era feel to it - and is sure to add excitement and excitement to the toy is a little bit heavy to carry around but will more than make up for it with minutes and minutes, he is created by artist and fabricate a toy company, mcdonalds, and is inspired by the company's Robot dog toy, the tiger. This toy is a small, small, and measures just 7-inch tall by 6-inch wide by 2-inch deep, he is fabricated of plastic and renders a black plastic base. This toy is in peerless condition and is family-friendly, the sega toys poo-chi Robot dog is a toy Robot dog that you can use to play games with your friends. The toy Robot dog is fabricated of plastic and black and orange, and it renders a black front wheel and a black back wheel, it gives a green viewfinder and a red micro-controller. It can be inflammable if undercooked, the sega robo-chi pets dog is a fun 4 x Mcdonalds happy meal. You can choose to have the dog run around and play with you, or play with the other children in the store, the dog offers a few features that are typical of this type of happy meal. The dog imparts a chi pot and a pot for its tail, which is additionally typical, the dog also offers a pot for a head, and a light in the middle of its pot.